Breathe into the experience of nothingness

Daily reminder to speak your prayers and intentions out loud because the entire cosmos are listening! And always saying YES. Whatever brings your entire body and spirit to a state of rapture is your compass.

Breathe into the experience of nothingness. Continue to release repetitive thoughts of your known reality so you can make space for the absolute unknown. Anything not in resonance, although it may be serving you in some way, does not have to linger into this new season.

If you should come to find that the voice of Spirit has become a faint whisper scattered throughout your weeks rather than a constant companion and guide, fear not. Spirit is always guiding your path to the most love filled reality, even when your awareness isn’t resting there. You can always return. Don’t let the fear of being too far gone stop you from breathing deep and basking long. You are worthy of walking in complete trust and surrender.

Comment below any prayers or intentions you have, I would love to read them all and meditate upon them in this womb of nature 🌾

Hitomi Mochizuki

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