Feel. Be. Have.


[Part 3: she finally wakes up...] The feminine is waking up from her numb, slumber. ⠀

The desert of her heart now storms with wild truth… ⠀

The cave of her womb is alive with God’s Holy desires…⠀

“Did you know that you don’t have to feel shameful for always wanting more?” Her whisper cuts ties with a bloodline of lies. ⠀

She’s committed not to this world…⠀
But Christ Consciousness. ⠀

The resurrection is happening,⠀
Again ⠀
And again,⠀
And again. ⠀

Through her,⠀
And for her, ⠀
Every time she breaths. ⠀

He chooses her. ⠀
Because Consciousness always chooses the wild open heart. ⠀

To fill.⠀
To make love. ⠀
To adore.⠀
To bend.⠀
To learn. ⠀
To arrive. ⠀

The heart you feel God in…. is the same heart God feels you in. ⠀

My shoulders soften and I feel my tongue rest on the roof of my mouth. ⠀

The eyes you see God through…are the same eyes God sees you through. ⠀

My lips let out a groan as the edges of my body tingle. ⠀

I’m disappearing. ⠀

God is not masculine or feminine… I witness. ⠀

Tears stream down my face. ⠀

God is the space between… I stop forcing. ⠀

Hot liquid traces my jawline. ⠀

Go to your heart; the bridge between worlds. ⠀

She demands. I fall to her feet. ⠀

If we’re ever going to evolve as Humans, she says… ⠀

We must stop labeling everything this OR that… ⠀

We must settle in the sweet mystery that we simply do. not. know. ⠀

In that, we begin to FEEL. ⠀

And the God of our Heart can finally lead.⠀

Yes, I exhale. ⠀

Feel. Be. Have.⠀
Feel. Be. Have.⠀
Feel. Be. Have.⠀

I fall asleep to her chanting like a drum in the center of my chest. ⠀

To know her is to know nothing. ⠀
To be her is to be everything. ⠀

I finally stopped asking questions... ⠀
And let the paradox turn on the lights between my thighs. ⠀

She woke up an overflow within me.⠀

Tori Washington

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