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Monthly Muse

ft. Aisho Love

With powerful insights on how to wholeheartedly claim the space we deserve, April's Muse Aisho shares her codes on how nurturing & healing the heart of our inner child is the key to personal love & acceptance.

"We get to claim our sacred space as our own and deserve to feel proud of the spaces that we occupy. "

What I’ve learned over the years about how to wholeheartedly take up space, is understanding that...

The core of this practice is to rewire our brain to become so in love with who we openly are in all moments possible.

Each time I practice giving myself permission to take up space, even when it’s scary or nerve-wrecking to do so,
I heal a version of my inner child that wasn’t given that same grace or permission slip in the past.

For me, embracing my inner child looks like giving her complete space to connect with me whether that be through praying, writing, or simply just showing her that she is loved, it’s my way of honoring all that she is and showing her that God honors all that she is too.

The simplest practice I can share on how to help connect with your own inner child, is to
really allow for your inner child’s essence and inner world to be present with you throughout your adulthood.

This might look like giving yourself time and space to connect with certain activities, hobbies, music, movies, art, etc. that you LOVED as a child.

The more you practice inviting into your life what your inner child loved doing when they were younger, the more you will awaken their presence within your adulthood and deepen into that beautiful bond with them all over again.

No matter what this looks or feels like, we have to bravely allow for our souls to express and take up space in our many expressions. Learning how to embrace the fullness of who we are in our total expression, and simply allowing our essence to exist as naturally as possible.

Confidence to me is not about seeming perfect and fully embodied.

It’s about living life from an open and receptive space that eventually anchors us into more natural, comfortable and expressive
states of being.

True confidence is a testament to how open and brave our heart is...

I believe that we wholeheartedly take up space by remembering that our soul’s presence upon this earth is sacred and matters in every single moment.

By remembering that we are inherently worthy, just because we exist.

By remembering that the sacred wisdom and gifts that we hold inside of our hearts,are safe to be claimed.

By remembering that nothing and no one is above or below us.

I pray that you, allow yourself to take up more space
in the world...
not in a way that is for ego,

but in a way that truly celebrates you as an individual and the unique path that you were born to forge here on our planet.

You are an angel in human form.
A miracle woven from above.
A blessing to this planet...
beyond what words could ever express.

and it's such a divine blessing and honor to connect here
with you beautiful soul.
Thank you for existing.


I could fan girl for HOURS about how much I love wearing The Royal Codes and how wearing the Codes has literally changed my life.

Wearing The Royal Codes for me, feels like a ceremonial reclamation of my true inner divine feminine royalty and empowered self.

I fully tap into the embodied energy of my own divinity, every single time I wear the Codes.

I’ve been wearing the pieces and sets for some time now and I’m truly obsessed with the soul and design of this company.

I feel beautiful inside and out in them.

It’s so hard to choose my favorite pieces because I seriously love all of the sets and I’m such a fan of the Cleopatra Skirt, but I have to say that my current favorites right now are the Royal Bikinis!I’m a mermaid who lives by the sea and spends lots of time in the ocean, so I’m always in my Calypso or Selene Bikini.

Aisho Love

I was born in ...

Newport News, Virginia (raised on the east coast most of my life, between Virginia, Georgia and New York City-eventually being raised in California in my later years as well) and am now home-based in the Hawaiian Islands.

I am most inspired by...

Women who radically speak up for what they believe in, no matter the hardships that they have experienced in their past. I am deeply inspired by women who come from all walks of life with an open heart. Who undeniably follow the calling of their dreams and simply LIGHT UP every single room that they walk in. Just because they are that fulfilled by the power of their own feminine creative energy.

Women like this are rockstars, superstars and world changers in my life. They are the ones who give me the strength and inspiration that I need to keep going whenever I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. When I feel the weight of what it means to be a woman in this modern day and age, who is fully in her power and in her destiny.. Women like this are who I am most inspired by.

My passion(s) in life right now is/are...

Creating soul inspiring art and being a part of sustainable projects, retreats and gatherings that support the betterment and revolutionary uprising of our planet. I am also extremely passionate about the journey of self love, connecting with mother nature as medicine for the soul, living and existing as a muse for God and creating safe & healing online (and in person) spaces and conversations for beautiful like-minded souls to partake in from all over the world..

In this lifetime I hope to ...

Touch the hearts and souls of as many earth angels as I possibly can and remind them that they are never alone. To let them know that all of them is welcome here in this space and I pray that together we can create a gentler, kinder, unconditionally loving paradigm here on this earth and build a community that is devoted to the kingdom of heaven being restored here on our planet like it has never been done before.

The most amazing piece of advice I ever received was ...

Don’t worship the ego, the personhood, to an extent that it keeps you 24/7 trapped in your mind and disconnected from the eternal love of heaven. Instead choose to worship and love God, (yourself, the universe. spirit etc..)with your whole heart.
Only from this place, will we come to know true soul freedom and the way home to limitless love, abundance and joy.

Something I’m learning about right now is...

What’s meant for you in life will always be meant for you and can never miss out on you. What’s not meant for you, will always cause trouble or confusion the longer you hold onto it.
Only what is in alignment can stay, the rest will fade away.

Something about me that not everyone would know is that...

I am, in fact, one of the most introverted, highly sensitive people that I know and most people in my life are always shocked by this fact- because I carry a very extroverted aura about myself.I like to think that I am more of a silent, meditative type by human nature, yet bright and loud from my spirit.

If I could share anything with the women in this community it would be...

You are all so frickin amazing, beautiful, jaw droppingly inspiring and POWERFUL.
Please keep elevating the community out here with every drop of your juicy feminine energy and essence, because you are all one of a kind, divine powerhouses.

Thank you for being here and for witnessing me.

Feel inspired and want to connect more deeply with Aisho? Find her here :
YOUTUBE -Aisho Love
INSTAGRAM - @iamaisholove
ALL PHOTOS CREDITED TO : @connectedessences



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  • Ivy LedonApr 17, 2023

    I absolutely love this!! I would love to collaborate with Royal Codes and my personal branding of Intuitive Stretch!

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